About Advanced Boiler Control Services

Our Story

ABCS has a rich history in the boiler controls industry. Our pattern of steady growth and success gives us confidence and determination to sustain our position as the best in the business.

In 1987, ABCS began servicing small companies in the Chicagoland area and has expanded its services to facilities across the United States. ABCS entered the boiler industry when Johannes (Hans) Burrink recognized a business opportunity when his current employer chose to stop providing service at non-utility steam generating facilities. Throughout the early 1990’s ABCS added more employees to accommodate its growing customer network. The business continued to provide a higher level of expertise with the addition of large equipment sales and general contracting experience.

In 1996, Robert Burrink joined forces with his father and was added to the ABCS team. Robert provided the idea of a potential future owner for the company and an immediate higher level of accounting, management, and general contracting skill set.

These areas of growth have allowed ABCS to contribute its engineering and services on a greater scale. This growth attracted exclusive manufactures representation contracts, which are still maintained relationships today. ABCS is intentional about using the most innovative technology with its offering of expert field service, instrument calibration, efficiency improvement, plant commissioning, and site specific training. ABCS has become a one stop shop for many steam generating plants throughout North America.

Our Values & Our Promise

ABCS is committed to standing behind what we do. Since 1987, ABCS has engrained honesty, professionalism, and integrity into the way we conduct business. Maintaining these high standards has produced steady success and exponential growth in the boiler industry. ABCS now provides boiler service to plants stretching across North America.

From smaller, independent building plants to larger refineries, universities, and manufacturing facilities, ABCS has provided our customers with expert field service and state-of-the-art equipment.

Whether across the street or across the country, ABCS ensures that your needs will be attended to within 24 hours. Our ability to provide fast solutions, expert field service, and proper equipment is what sets us apart from the rest.


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